Early Monarchs

Early Monarchs is an American indie rock band based in Oakland, California.


Guitar-driven melodies, heavyweight bass lines, driving drums, and hypnotic electronic imagery are coupled with siren-like vocals to deliver an original sound that's part shoe-gaze, part 70s rock, part early 00s indie. EM invokes early U2, Foals, Interpol, Tears For Fears, Florence & The Machine, and Blondie amongst others. We like to say we fall somewhere between Slayer and Supertramp.

We love a lot of laptop music (Matt is a noted composer) but EM is a collaborative band. Our songs are crafted partly on computer, but mostly by 5 people creatively conspiring in a rehearsal room. 

EM's diverse musical tastes and backgrounds combine into a powerful, epic force in your headphones, and a killer live show.

Early Monarchs is:

VinCi - Vox

Andy - Guitar

Matt - Electronics

Ron - Bass

Kirk - Drums 

Or if you like to watch... here are our videos. 

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Our 3 song debut is available for your review! This self-produced demo is our first and we are just getting started. If you like us, please let us know on your favorite social media platform. Or buy a shirt! Listen loud.



E M Merch

Two styles of T-shirts available now!

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Sm, Md, Lg, Xl

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"Josephine" (black)
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We're working on getting shows!

Want to have us? Let us know through the myriad ways of contacting us. Insta, FB, Twits, Snap, email, phone, bat signal (one of us will dEfinitely respond to that). Or have one of the greys contact VinCi or Ron telepathically. Leave a message.